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SilverBack® is an authentic Crawl Space Encapsulation® Vapor Barrier, the highest quality liner you can put in your crawl space

20 Mil SilverBack® SR

The SilverBack® SR is an actual thickness crawl space vapor barrier that is roughly 30% thicker than other "20 mil" products, we measure at the plastic not the thread. This is a premium quality 20 Mil made of 100% virgin polyethylene.

American Made vapor barrier
Weight- 110 pounds of plastic per 1000 square feet or 110 MSF
Lab Tested for impurities and odor
Roll Size 13'4"x75' or 13'4"x50' or 6'9"x100 

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20 Mil SilverBack® HS

The 20 Mil SilverBack® High Strength™ has 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatches others cord reinforced liners. This vapor barrier is completely SEAMLESS. There are no welds or panels. The SilverBack® HS is a smooth one piece product.

Weight- 10.8oz per Square Yard
Lab Tested for impurities and odor 
Roll Size 12'x85' or 46"x85'

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