Ground Control™ is a highly durable woven white on white crawl space vapor barrier. It is designed for closed or encapsulated crawl spaces only. Ground Control™ is offered in both 14 Mil and 20 Mil thicknesses. We also have many roll sizes available to fit your project needs. Both the 14 mil vapor barrier and the 20 mil vapor barrier are offered in 36" x 75', 6' x 75', 12' x 50' and 12' x 75' making the Ground Control™ as versatile as it is affordable.

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Did You Know?

Did you know the difference between coated woven vapor barrier and high strength vapor barrier? The Ground Control™ is a coated woven Crawl Space Encapsulation® vapor barrier. High strength vapor barriers costs more due to the high manufacturing costs. With the Ground Control™ you are getting a high quality, durable and cost efficient coated woven vapor barrier.

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Lab Tested for VOCs & Off Gassing​

Every Crawl Space Encapsulation® Vapor Barrier you get is independently tested for Volatile Organic Compounds and Off Gassing. We test all of our vapor barriers at an independent lab in Minnesota. Every roll can be tracked back to a test certificate so you can trust that on every Crawl Space Repair® job that your vapor barrier is Tested Pure®.

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